Transformational, classic design in new england


Needham Duncan Architecture, LLC assists with a range of residential, commercial and institutional project types including renovations, restoration and new construction. In addition to home and building owners, the firm often provides input to real estate agents and their clients when considering options to buy, sell, build or renovate.

General Architectural Design & Consulting Services

Site consultation (pre and post purchase)
Design concepts
Construction drawings, documentation and oversight
Interior and space planning
Governing bodies and the zoning approval process

Energy Conservation and Geothermal Consulting

David Duncan has developed a special interest in the area of geothermal heating and cooling and other conservation issues related to building design, construction and renovation. He often consults with building owners, contractors and other architects about geothermal heating and cooling. Having identified the need for energy alternatives and understanding the merits of geothermal heating and cooling, David contacted his State senator and was instrumental in the enactment of new state legislation to encourage its use within the State. Several of the houses designed by Needham Duncan Architecture, LLC now use geothermal heating and cooling, including a 1680 house retrofitted to accommodate the new system.