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General Architectural Design & Consulting

Needham Duncan Architecture LLC currently works primarily on complex, residential projects including renovations, restoration and new construction. In addition to home and building owners, the firm often consults with real estate agents and their clients when considering options to buy, sell, build or renovate. His services include:

  • Site consultation (pre and post purchase)
  • Design concepts and problem-solving (size, cost, site placement, zoning restrictions) 
  • Coordination with structural engineers and other contractors
  • Construction drawings, documentation and oversight
  • Interior and space planning
  • Governing bodies and the zoning approval process

Energy Conservation & Geothermal Consulting

David regularly consults with building owners, contractors and other architects in the areas of geothermal heating and cooling, water and other conservation issues related to building design, construction and renovation. Having identified the need for energy alternatives and understanding the merits of geothermal heating and cooling, David was instrumental in the enactment of new state legislation to encourage and incentivize its use within the State of Connecticut. Several of the houses designed by Needham Duncan Architecture, LLC now use geothermal heating and cooling, including a 1680 house retrofitted to accommodate the new system.

Our Approach

Listen and Learn

We begin each project engaging in many important discovery sessions with clients. We listen to them as they express their dreams, lifestyle inclinations, the way they like to interact with their home and their design preferences. We also research any challenges with topography, zoning and natural resources that might impact the siting and design.

Collaborate and Design

Once we have done our preliminary discovery, we begin to sketch out concepts of the design. These typically are rough hand drawn sketches that block out spaces by function and flow. As we continuously check in with the client during the envisioning phase, we usually go through  several design iterations, changing aspects of the design as space needs, preferences and cost implications become clearer.

We use hand-rendered drawings through the design process as well as 3-D models, to help clients see how spaces and placement on the site will actually look and feel.

Building Oversight

David Duncan is known for developing close and mutually respectful relationships with building contractors and other professionals working on the project. He is able to ensure that work is built to the highest standards and to help keep the project on track.